About Primior

We combine over 100 years of experience with consistent innovation to deliver massive value to our investors.

For over a decade, Primior has been offering a full suite of asset management services to real estate investors across the full range of real estate investments.

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Our Mission

For over a decade, Primior has been helping investors unlock the true potential of their real estate investments.

We are committed to providing real estate investors with the best asset management solutions possible.


Our resources and networks with local experts and partners offer tremendous advantages and immense value that are essential to any successful project.


We consistently innovate and optimize our operations, always looking for even more efficient ways to achieve better results for our investors.


Our team of experts is best in class at what they do, and they are passionate about helping you maximize your investment returns. We aim to overdeliver.

Dedication To Service

We understand that every investment is unique, and our team of experienced professionals works hard to deliver maximized value and returns for our investors.

We are dedicated to providing our investors with the best solution to their needs, whether it be property management, investment advisory services, or development and construction. Our vertically-integrated team is capable of handling all aspects of investments.

Our Story

Founded in 2012 with a goal of providing investors with the most reliable and trustworthy asset-management services.

By staying true to our mission, Primior has grown and evolved over the years, becoming one of the leading asset management firms in Southern California.

Overseas Investing

Prior to 2012, Johnny Zhang was an overseas entrepreneur investing in Southern California properties. Throughout this period, Johnny struggled to find a reliable and trustworthy real estate asset management firm to work with.

Coming To California

In 2012, Zhang came to California and started Primior with a mission: to provide real estate investors like him with access to a reliable asset management firm, so they can have peace of mind knowing that their investments are in the right hands.

Team & Expansion

Today, Primior has a team of seasoned professionals and is well-positioned in the local market to serve investors both domestically and internationally, bridging the gap between traditional Chinese heritage and a Western investment approach tailored to the local Southern California markets.

Our History

Company timeline

Over the years, we have grown to become one of Southern California’s leading asset management firms.

Founding — Founded in 2012, Primior was initially established as a construction company.
Development — In 2015, Primior began development on luxury real estate projects.
Asset Management — In 2016, Primior started offering asset management services to investors.
Architecture — In 2017, Primior added in house architecture department to better service investors.
Xnergy — In 2019, Primior acquired a majority interest in Xnergy, an international investment bank that has been in operation since 1999 to provide investors with the best financing solutions.
Tokenized real estate — In 2022, Primior launched USPC™, leveraging blockchain technology to make real estate investment accessible for everyone.