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Discover USP™ by Primior, a pioneering tokenized real estate investment project using blockchain technology to make investing more accessible and aiding in wealth preservation.


We're using blockchain technology to distribute ownership of a professionally-managed real estate portfolio to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Become a fractional landlord by owning a piece of a $25M+ real estate portfolio.

USP™, the security token representing fractional ownership in United States Property Inc., is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the success of USPC™ stablecoin and the company’s real estate portfolio. USP security token holders gain exposure to the growth of the USPC™ stablecoin and a diverse range of income-producing properties.


USP aims to provide token holders with exposure to a portfolio of real estate assets in high-demand urban markets throughout United States.


Get an overview of our priorities and what the USP™ team will be working on next by reading through our project roadmap.

What Is USP™?

USP is a real estate backed cryptocurrency that is designed to provide fractional ownership of an income-producing real estate portfolio.

By leveraging its peer-to-peer nature as a security token, USP combines modern technology with a proven successful real estate investing business model to create a real estate backed digital currency.

Real Estate Tokenization Explained

Embrace the transformative power of blockchain in real estate investing. Tokenized real estate paves the way for secure, accessible, and transparent investments, offering a revolutionary strategy for wealth-building in the digital age.

Explore Current Offerings Of USP™ Security Tokens

Get a birds-eye-view of all of the current and past offerings of USP™ security tokens through the USP™ Investor Portal, developed with transparency, security, and ease-of-use in mind for USP™ investors across the glove.

Tokenized Portfolio

We have already tokenized a sizeable portfolio and distributed the value to investors across the globe with blockchain technology.

Our strategy for acquiring and investing in US real estate is simple: we buy properties that generate income and appreciate in value over time. We focus on stability, instead of speculative growth, so we can provide our token holders with a more predictable and consistent return profile. By combining the stability of Core and Core+ properties with the potential upside of Value-Add and Opportunistic investments, we aim to deliver consistent returns while mitigating risk for long-term success and financial security. Here are some of the properties in the USP portfolio that have already been tokenized:

Primior Medical Centre
Diamond Bar, CA

The Primior Medical Centre is a recently renovated, two-story medical office building ideal for healthcare professionals with long-term occupancy needs.

First Harbor Square
Santa Ana, CA

First Harbor Square, located in the emerging market of Orange County, California is being developed as a mixed-use project featuring 183 residential units, as well as over 17,000 sqft of ground-floor retail space.

Vistas Duales Cielos
Venice, CA

Just 5 minutes away from Abbot Kinney and the shores of Venice Beach, Vistas Duales Del Cielo embodies the luxury beach lifestyle of Southern California.

Investor Portal

Create a USP Investor Portal account to buy, sell, and trade USP tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

To view and participate in offerings of USP, you must first create a USP Investor Portal Account. Click on Get Started below to create an account to view current and past offerings.

Create An Account

The USP Investor Portal is where you can view and invest in offerings of USP, and view published company financials.

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