About Us

About Us

Primior’s deep expertise, professional team, and cutting-edge technology come together to deliver superior levels of long-term value, stable income generation, and risk-adjusted return on investment.

Experience Primior's unique approach, secure strategies, and superior returns.

As a merchant developer, we create value through site identification, by procuring optimal entitlements, and directing the design, construction, and leasing of assets positioned to meet the needs of the market or user.

Dedicated to making a positive impact at the local level.

As a company, we hold ourselves to high standards in terms of giving back to our community and helping where we can. Because of these high standards, we are always looking for ways to donate and get involved with community building efforts at the local level.


Primior’s local experts and partners offer valuable knowledge and relationships that are essential to a successful project.


Primior is vertically integrated and its in house experts shared a rare combined over 100 years of experience which allows us to make informed decisions quickly.


Primior serves investors around the world, and our investments are designed to preserve and grow our clients’ capital across market cycles.

One of the most exciting things about our business is the vertically integrated structure that allows us to deliver superior returns for our investors.

Johnney Zhang — CEO

Company timeline

How we have grown & developed throughout the years as one of Southern California’s leading luxury property developers.

Founded — In 2013, Primior was founded initially as a construction company.
Development — In 2015, we began development on luxury projects.
In-House — In 2016, we decided to expand to leasing and property management in-house.
Architecture — In 2017, we hired a team of architects to take design in-house.
Xnergy — In 2019, we acquired major interests and a partnership with Xnergy Financial, an investment bank.
Blockchain — In 2022, we launched USPC™, leveraging blockchain technology for real estate investments.

USPC™, the future of crypto & real estate investing.

USPC combines blockchain technology with the guaranteed appreciation of real estate to create a more secure crypto token, providing crypto investors with a safer alternative to currently available stablecoins.

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