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Explore the essence of Primior, uncovering our values, vision, mission, and the innovative team driving our real estate development and investment endeavors.


For over a decade, Primior has been helping investors unlock the true potential of their real estate investments.

We are committed to providing real estate investors with the best management & development solutions possible.

With a history spanning over a decade, Primior stands as a beacon of trusted asset management solutions in California. From local engagements to global initiatives, our team’s excellence and forward-thinking approach have cultivated a legacy of growth and innovation. Our commitment to clients and the pursuit of optimal investment returns mark us as a premier choice for real estate asset management.

Local Expertise

Our resources and networks with local experts and partners offer tremendous advantages and immense value that are essential to any successful project.


We consistently innovate and optimize our operations, always looking for even more efficient ways to achieve better results for our investors.


Founded in 2012 with a goal of providing investors with the most reliable and trustworthy asset-management services.

From its inception as an overseas entrepreneurial endeavor to its establishment as a renowned asset management firm in Southern California, Primior’s story is one of ambition and success. Guided by founder Johnney Zhang’s vision, we’ve flourished through our dedication to providing real estate investors with dependable solutions. Our timeline reflects a trajectory of innovation and expansion, including transitions from construction to luxury development, and the strategic acquisition of Xnergy in 2019.

Founding — Founded in 2012, Primior was initially established as a construction company.
Development — In 2015, Primior began development on luxury real estate projects.
Asset Management — In 2016, Primior started offering asset management services to investors.
Architecture — In 2017, Primior added in house architecture department to better service investors.
Xnergy — In 2019, Primior acquired a majority interest in Xnergy, an international investment bank that has been in operation since 1999 to provide investors with the best financing solutions.
Real Estate Token — In 2022, Primior launched USP™, leveraging blockchain technology to make real estate investment accessible for everyone.
PREIT™ — In 2023, Primior launched PREIT™, an innovative REIT dedicated to Primior investors with a reinforced focus on safer, more secure real estate investments.
Tokenized Capital Raising — In 2024, Primior launched Gaia by Primior, allowing property owners to tokenize their assets and unlock new markets of investors and opportunities.

What We Do

Combining traditional wisdom with modern strategies, we offer tailored asset management that maximizes returns.

A suite of solutions, insights, and resources for real estate investors.

Primior specializes in helping investors unlock the potential of their real estate investments through best-in-class asset management solutions. Our local networks and innovation in operations, including the groundbreaking tokenized real estate, provide immense value and efficiency. We bridge cultural gaps, combining the richness of traditional Chinese heritage with a Western investment approach, tailored to the Southern California markets.

Investor Solutions

Primior’s Investor Solutions encompass a broad spectrum of asset management strategies. From real estate development to tokenized investment opportunities, we provide bespoke solutions that align with individual investment goals and risk profiles.

Insights & Resources

Staying informed is key to investment success. Primior’s Insights & Resources section provides timely market analysis, expert opinions, and essential tools. These resources empower our clients to make informed decisions with their available capital.

Team & Careers

Join Primior's passionate team that's well-positioned to serve investors both domestically and internationally.

Explore our leadership team, or browse career opportunities at Primior.

Primior’s strength lies in its team of seasoned professionals who are the best in their class and passionate about maximizing investment returns. We’re always seeking to expand our talent pool, inviting those who share our commitment to innovation and excellence. With opportunities ranging from leadership roles to diverse career paths, we provide a platform for growth and success in asset management.

Team & Leadership

Led by industry veterans, the Primior team represents a synergy of expertise, vision, and passion. Our leadership fosters an environment that prioritizes client success, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in asset management.

Careers at Primior

At Primior, career opportunities abound for those keen on shaping the future of asset management. We offer an empowering workspace that nurtures talent, encourages growth, and promotes a culture of integrity and collaboration.


Commitment to social impact, community building, and responsible investment strategies.

At Primior, we recognize the importance of local and global impact, as well as our social responsibilities. Our approach to asset management is guided by principles that prioritize community building, responsible investment, and sustainable growth. We believe in not just delivering exceptional returns but also contributing positively to society and the world at large.

Local & Global Impact

Our commitment extends beyond profit; Primior emphasizes sustainable investment practices that benefit both local communities and the global economy. Our tailored solutions contribute to long-term growth and societal well-being.

Social Impact

Primior actively pursues initiatives that make a positive social difference. We believe in corporate responsibility, aligning our investment strategies with goals that support community development, education, and environmental sustainability.


In-person and virtual engagements designed to equip investors with the knowledge and insights they need.

Primior’s workshops and seminars, conducted both in-person and virtually, stand as a testament to our commitment to investor empowerment. These quarterly events offer invaluable insights and resources tailored to the needs of today’s investors. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the world of asset management, our workshops provide the tools and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving investment landscape.

Investor Workshops

Primior’s Investor Workshops are designed to foster engagement, education, and growth among our investment community. With a mix of in-person and virtual sessions, we explore market trends and strategies, enhancing confidence in investment decisions.

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