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Global Impact

Global Impact

Learn about Primior's global impact, including USP's groundbreaking U.S. investment deals and LAIRC's role in assisting foreign investors' residency.


Primior's impact on the global investment landscape is vast.

Facilitating global access to U.S. real estate investment opportunities and fostering economic growth.

With roots extending beyond borders, Primior recognizes the importance of global connections in the investment world. Our initiatives in U.S. real estate tokenization and the EB5 investment program are not mere services but contributions towards an integrated global financial system. They pave the way for decentralized access to real estate and foster economic growth by engaging foreign investment in local development projects.


USP brings U.S. real estate investing to the global stage in a way that democratizes access for investors with less capital.


Through the EB5 Investment Program, we are helping the local U.S. economy while simultaneously helping investors gain permanent U.S. residency.


Democratizing U.S. real estate investments: Introducing global investors to U.S. property markets via USP.

USP represents Primior’s innovation in making U.S. real estate accessible to investors around the world. Through blockchain technology, global investors can purchase U.S. real estate tokens for as low as $1, opening doors to investment opportunities previously beyond reach. This not only democratizes investment but strengthens international economic relations.

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Fostering economic growth and investment opportunities through the LAIRC EB5 investment program.

The LAIRC initiative under Primior emphasizes mutual growth by allowing foreign investors to invest in local development projects that meet EB5 criteria, thus qualifying for U.S. permanent residency. This not only benefits investors but significantly contributes to the local economy, creating jobs and stimulating development.

Investment Criteria

Learn more about the specific investment criteria for the EB5 program.

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