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Opportunity Zone (OZ) Investments

Opportunity Zone (OZ) Investments

Discover the tax benefits of investing in Primior's Opportunity Zone Fund. Maximize returns and support community growth with our Santa Ana OZ property.

Press Release:

Primior Announces Unique Investment Opportunity with First Harbor Square in Santa Ana’s Opportunity Zone

Santa Ana, CA – June 18, 2024 – Primior, a leading real estate investment and development firm, is excited to announce a prime investment opportunity with First Harbor Square, a mixed-use co-living community located in…


Discover How Opportunity Zones Benefit Investors, Developers, and Communities.

What Are Opportunity Zones and Who Do They Benefit?

The Opportunity Zone (OZ) program is a federal initiative designed to spur economic development and job creation in distressed communities. It offers significant tax incentives to investors while providing developers with easier access to capital. This program not only benefits investors and developers but also contributes to community revitalization and helps address the housing crisis by incentivizing the development of more homes and apartments, particularly crucial in Southern California.

Tax Advantages

Investors who place their capital gains into OZ funds can defer taxes, reduce tax obligations, and even eliminate taxes on new gains after a decade.

Community Impact

The OZ program drives investment into struggling areas, fostering job creation, improved infrastructure, and new housing, addressing both economic and social needs.

Opportunity Zones

Explore Tax Benefits and Capital Raising Advantages in Opportunity Zones.

In-Depth Tax Deferrals and Incentives

Opportunity Zones offer investors a chance to defer taxes on capital gains invested in OZ funds until the earlier of the investment being sold or December 31, 2026. Additionally, if the investment is held for five years, investors receive a 10% exclusion of the deferred gain, increasing to 15% after seven years.

Most significantly, if the investment is held for at least ten years, any gains from the OZ investment are tax-free. These incentives make it easier for developers to raise capital, facilitating the construction of much-needed housing and commercial developments.

Raising Capital Made Easier

The OZ program simplifies the capital-raising process for developers by attracting investors with its substantial tax benefits. This ease of raising funds accelerates the development of projects, addressing housing shortages and boosting local economies. In regions like Southern California, where housing demand far exceeds supply, these developments play a critical role in alleviating the housing crisis.

Opportunity Zone Map

Map of Opportunity Zones Across the United States.

Discover where Opportunity Zones are located across the United States with an interactive Opportunity Zone Map from OpportunityDB.


Primior’s Opportunity Zone Development Projects.

Primior is at the forefront of Opportunity Zone development, leveraging these incentives to create high-quality, sustainable projects. Our developments not only provide attractive returns for investors but also bring significant benefits to the communities they are located in, including new housing, commercial spaces, and job opportunities.

First Harbor Square
Santa Ana, CA

Discover First Harbor Square, Santa Ana. Home to 181 apartments and 15K sqft of retail space, it’s where modern residential design meets urban convenience.

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