April 2019 Newsletter


It has been a busy month for us. In this edition of Primior News, we provide an update on the incredible overseas event our team attended, an announcement of expanding to new office locations, and a recent high-profile partnership.

Also, don’t forget to read our blog addressing the reasons to invest in real estate rather than traditional investing.

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Johnney Zhang
Founder & CEO, Primior

Featured News

OPI Expo – Shanghai, China

We have recently returned from an exciting three-day event held annually in Shanghai. We were one of nearly 200 exhibitors at the 2019-Wise-17th Shanghai Overseas Property Immigration Investment event. There was upwards of 30,000 visitors, which gave Primior great exposure. It was truly an amazing and energizing experience.

Our goals while attending the event were to obtain strong, long-lasting connections, as well as gain exposure of Primior for our investors, specifically focusing on our new portfolio of REITs. We are thrilled with the success Primior acquired while overseas and our CEO, Johnney Zhang, was interviewed by local news.

Insights from Primior

Why Consider Real Estate Investing vs. Traditional Investing

Investing in real estate can offer potential advantages that are unlikely to be seen in stock market investing. If you’re an investor seeking to grow your asset base, Primior understands the value of real estate investing and can explain how it can fit into your individual portfolio.  

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