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Our Takeaways At The 2019 OPI Exhibition

Our Takeaways At The 2019 OPI Exhibition

We just returned from an exciting three-day event held annually in Shanghai. The 2019-Wise-17th Shanghai Overseas Property Immigration Investment event was held March 22 through March 24. We were one of almost 200 exhibitors (Booth A801,) and the estimate of the number of visitors was upwards of 30,000. It was truly an amazing and energizing experience. Among the profiles of other exhibitors were overseas real estate developers and agencies; land, farm, and chateau investments; investment projects; EB5 projects and regional center; immigration serviced agencies; law firms; banks and financial institutions; and state and local government/ associations/chambers.

The event was held in the Shanghai International Convention Center, located in Lujiazui. Designated as the new financial district for Shanghai since the early 1990s, Lujiazui, often called the “Wall Street of China,” is home to over 400 banks and other financial institutions. The total sum of transactions in the Shanghai stock market place is second in the world to only the New York Stock Exchange.

We had two primary goals for our visit to Shanghai. We were desirous of making connections with local companies for the purpose of establishing long-term relationships and seeking exposure for our company to investors, specifically focusing on investors for our portfolio of REITs. From the welcomed response we received from the event facilitators and staff to the feedback from fellow exhibitors and visitors, we truly feel we have exceeded even our highestexpectations. CEO of Primior, Johnney Zhang, highlighted in an interview at our booth that investors do not need to invest large amount of money in one project. Instead, they invest $25,000 of this relatively small amount of money into our funds”.

Since our founding in 2013, Primior has been firmly established in both the local and international real estate markets. Our business is truly global, and what better way to forge forward with that perspective than an expansion of our contacts and increased brand recognition in the Shanghai stock market. Zhang would also mention that “our funds are diversified investments that invest in different real estate projects, such as: Apartments, retail centers, offices, factories, etc., give investors a higher rate of return and stable investment income.”

As an investment, a REIT provides many positives, among which are competitive long-term performance, substantial, stable dividend yields, liquidity, and transparency. Additionally, REITs offer many investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios by entering the real estate market in a manner that has little correlation with their existing stocks and bonds. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how real estate can be leveraged to work for you.

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